School of Computer Science and Technology

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The primary focus of the School of Computer Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “the School”)is to cultivate students’ abilities of engineering practice, technological innovation and comprehensive quality, taking social requirements and new developments in computer science as the main teaching content to train students for serving, leading and adapting to the society. The School’s philosophy is to use projects to develop students' skills for learning to do, learning to be, learning to think and learning to communicate. With the emphasis on the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality and adaptation to the development of computer technology and the requirements of society initially, the School not only cooperates with large domestic enterprises and research institutions, but is also involved in international (ACM/IEEE) computer education research. The School’s talent cultivation is based on specialty, society requirements service, development of practical ability and the creative potential of students.


Founded in1994, the Schoolcurrently offers four undergraduate majors — Software Engineering,Computer Science &Technology, Information Security and Medical Imaging Technology. The School provides first -level Master’s programmesforComputer Science & Technology and Software Engineering, andsecond-level Master’sprogrammesinEducation Technology and Engineering of Computer Technology.TheSchool has its ownExperimental Teaching Centre of Computer Application, a Software Innovation Base, which is part of the practicing bases for SWUST’s “8111 brand” project, as well asseveral first-class research platformssuch as Sichuan Provincial Internet Health Service Engineering Laboratory, SichuanKey Laboratory of Colleges and UniversitiesonIntelligent Electrical Appliance and Intelligent Systems, and MianyangNetwork Convergence Engineering Laboratory and MianyangCyberspace Security Key Laboratory.


There are 132 professional teachers, including 15professors, 35 associate professors, 34 PhD qualified teachers and 87 members of the China Computer Federation. Our school is currently composed of nine teaching and research groups, which are: Computer Software and Theory, Embedded Technology, Information Security, Knowledge Engineering &Education Technology, Computer Architecture, Networks &High-performance Computing, Machinery Vision, Virtual Reality and Medical Imaging Technology. We have established close academic ties and talent exchangingprogrammes with famous universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and Japan.