School of Materials Science and Engineering

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The School of Materials Science and Engineering (hereinafter referred to as “the School”) of Southwest University of Science and Technology has a Post-doctoral research station of Materials Science and Engineering and has been granted the authority to award PhD degreesand three first-level disciplines at Master’s level, namely Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry,Chemical Engineering &Technology. The students can be admitted by the School as Engineering Masters in the fields of Materials Engineering or Chemical Engineering and as Engineering Bachelors in five key majors, namely Materials Science and Engineering (it has been ranked in the national level as a feature major, the second wave of “Outstanding Engineers Training plan” of the Ministry of Education), Materials Physics, Applied Chemistry (Sichuan “Outstanding Engineers Training plan”), Functional Materials and Energy Chemical Engineering. The School enjoys a long history and has more than 2000 undergraduates and over 400 postgraduate and doctoral students.

There are a total of 158 full-time teachers, 94 of which are in senior positions. In addition, 33 experts have been selected as candidates for the New Century Talents Project at national level and the leaders of academy and technology at the provincial level or above.

With the support of Sichuan Materials Science and Engineering Experimental Teaching Centre, Sichuan Chemical and analytical test Experimental Teaching Centre, Sichuan Non-metallic Composite and Functional Materials Key Laboratory (National Key Laboratory Breeding Base co-sponsored by the Province and the Ministry of Education), Biologic Material Research Centre for Engineering of the Ministry of Education and other scientific research centres, the School has been able to extend its talent cultivation and scientific research. Over the past three years, the School has undertaken and accomplished 291 scientific research projects. More than 440 papers can be found by SCI or EI and 106 projects have been patented.