Introduction to Engineering Training Center

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  The Engineering Training Center (ETC) at Southwest University of Science and Technology(SWUST) works as a comprehensive training center with its focus on the undergraduate experimental teaching. It is also available to SWUST postgraduates and researchers from various schools and departments as well as to social users for the purpose of scientific research and technological development. It was established in 2001 as part of the University's independent teaching unit under the guidance and supervision of experts in relevant disciplines.

  ETC has been equipped with multiple professional and comprehensive education experiment platforms, foundation engineering training base and college students innovation and entrepreneurship practice base. It has also been facilitated with complete production system for certain typical industries catering to the requirements of industrial and regional economies. It carries out multi-disciplinary researches by accomplishing four intramural practive bases: Building Materials Production Equipment and Technology, Water Treatment Equipment and Technology, Intelligent Electrical Apparatus Software Development and Industrial Engineering.  

  ETC undertakes 233 campus-wide experiment teaching programs in Engineering Cognition, Engineering Basic Training, Engineering Combined Training and Engineering Innovation. Those four levels of training highly broaden students' engineering consciousness, cultivate cognition of modern manufacture and enhance the understanding of process of production system.  

  An excellent experimental teaching team are composed by a large group of over 100 educators in ETC, where some outstanding professors from relevant schools and departments take charge of certain training programs. ETC also cooperate with directorate organizations tightly through holding some social training programs, which provides reliable technical and talent support and has great radiative influence on industrial and regional economy. With above efforts and achievements, ETC at SWUST was awarded as the Demonstration Experimental Teaching Center of Sichuan Province.  

Contact ETC:
Tel.: 0816-6089591
Fax: 0816-2419195