Higher Education Research and Assessment Center

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Higher education research and assessment center is responsible for policy study and development, higher education study and teaching evaluation, etc. in accordance with the working philosophy of the university.

The responsibilities of the center involves the ones as follows:

To offer suggestions as to the policy reformation, to render consultation to policy making,

To make strategic studies according to the domestic and overseas development tendency and the major policies of the state, to draft medium-and-long-term development plan with justification under the leadership of the planning committee, to guide the schools to make special planning, and to monitor the implementation of plans,   

To conduct research and analysis of domestic and overseas latest trends of higher education development, to provide decision-making reference materials regularly or irregularly for school leaders and departments, to take charge of the Higher Education Research and Higher Education Information Reference,

To organize studies on important issues which are closely related to the development of the university, to communicate with superior education teaching research institutions and undertake some exclusive research projects entrusted by the university’s administrators and other education institutions,

To outline teaching evaluation and take responsibility for its implementation,

To provide opportunities for cooperation in teaching evaluation and policy making with other higher education institutions at home and abroad.

 Our working philosophy: To study policies in an earnest manner
                         To offer consultation with great efficiency
                         To render service with smiles

  Our job objective: To achieve innovation based on research
                   To make progress under guidance
                   To improve teaching by scientific evaluation