【Lectures on Sports 】Lecture by Professor Yi Jiandong from Wenzhou University

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 Title: China's International Experiences of Urban Upgrading in Sports Events  

Speaker: Yi Jiandong

Time: 09:40 - 12:00, December 7, 2018,

Location: MPA Conference Hall, East 7

Speaker Profile

Professor Yi Jiandong, who teaches at Wenzhou University, is an academic director of the Sports Industry and Health Program of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University (part-time). Born in October 1969, the well-known sport scholar is an expert in Olympic research. He is also a doctoral supervisor of sports humanities and social sciences at Beijing Sport University, a lecturer of public economics and management at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, and a visiting professor of Minjiang scholars program in Quanzhou Normal. During his career, Mr. Li has also worked as a visiting scholar at Columbia University (USA) and Victoria University (Australia).

Honors &Awards

National-level candidate for the project of 100 million talents

Young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions and experts on Special Allowances of the State Council

Professional Activities

Member of the National Social Science Fund Sports Discipline Review Group

Member of China Sports Development Strategy Research Association, director of China Sports Science Society

Editor at Sports Science magazineand Sports Science Research journal

Member of the Strategic Development Committee of China Football Association

Vice president of the China Society Sports Committee

Member and jury member of CCTV Sports Team Recommendation Committee

Former vice president of Jiangxi Finance and Economics University

Deputy director of the General Planning and Legal Affairs Department of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Chairman of the major bidding project of National Social Science Fund on China Sports Industry Policy Research, Research on the Basic Principles and Key Areas and Key Issues of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games


Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Bid Report

The Beijing Olympic Park Sports Industry Development Report (2014) (2015) (executive editor)

Brief Reading for the Staff of the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games (executive editor)

Research on Beijing Olympic Park Sports Industry’s influence and index(2008-2015) (both Chinese and English edition) (executive editor)

Sichuan Sports Industry and Public Service Research Center

Department of Physical Education

December 3, 2018