The First Batch of Students Come Back to SWUST

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After more than 100 days of solitude and silence, the first batch of students came back to SWUST on May 18 and 19. They are doctor degree postgraduates, full-time postgraduates who are pre-graduates carrying out their research or are in the counselor positions. The green campus, where the flowers are blooming and the parasol trees are luxuriant, awaits the students’ return and the gentle bird songs have begun a countdown to a new term. During these days, the school is in a good order for both the strict checks of all departments of university and the active cooperation of students. As a result, the campus of SWUST is gradually recovering its vitality.  

University leaders conduct field inspections and command on the frontline

Chen Yongcan, the Secretary of the Party committee of SWUST, Dong Faqin, the Principal of SWUST, Zhang Qiang, Liu Liquan, Chen Zhaoxian, Yang Shiyuan, Chen Bo and other school leaders respectively went to the smaller east gate, Mianyang railway station, student apartments, student canteens and other places to check the work of pandemic prevention and control and students' return to school. At the railway station, the leaders carefully inquired of the staff about students’ return to school by school bus and urged students to pay attention to safety. At the check-in point, the school leaders debriefed students on the first batch of students coming back to school, ensuring that the pandemic prevention and control work after the students’ return would be effectively carried out. In the student canteen, the leaders carefully asked about the dining situation after the students return to university. In the student apartments, the leaders visited the students and asked the relevant persons in charge about the implementation of the disinfection, the process of eliminating the virus, the work of the pandemic prevention and control, and emergency plans.

Secretary Chen Yongcan, inspects the process of students’ return to school at the entry point

Principal Dong Faqin, inspects the returning process at the entry point

The Deputy Secretary Zhang Qiang, inspects the work at the railway station

Liu Liquan, the Secretary of the Party Committee and the Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of SWUST, inspects the security work

The Deputy Principal Chen Zhaoxian, inspects the student canteen

The Deputy Principal Yang Shiyuan, inspects the work at the check-in point

The Deputy Principal Chen Bo inspects the student apartment

Station-to-university direct school bus minimizes risks

SWUST has set up the reception points at Mianyang railway station and other transportation stations which are equipped with pandemic prevention and disinfection materials such as thermometer and disinfectant. The school has carried out a well-organized inspection on the students who have returned to Mianyang in order to minimize the risks on the way back to the university. The returning works, such as taking students’ temperature, verifying identity, checking health QR codes, luggage disinfection and returning registration are carried out in an orderly way under the patient guidance of the teachers in charge at all check-in points. After cooperating with the teachers to complete the above work, students who have passed the inspection could get on the fully disinfected school bus in an orderly fashion and headed for the campus they had abandoned for a long time. Meanwhile, SWUST completely prohibited the entry of foreign vehicles without permission and registration, aiming at the strict prevention of cases of COVID-19 from entering the school and the assurance of the students’ safety. After passing the inspection, Wang Danni, a 2017 student of Biology from the School of Life Sciences and Engineering, sincerely said we appreciate the patient work of all the teachers to guarantee our safety return to university. We feel very relieved to be with them.

On-call special vehicles guaranteeing students’ return to school

A teacher takes the body temperature of the returning students at the entrance.

School bus driver carefully verifies the identity of returning students

Students who are ready to return to school

Be meticulous and never let up on checking the students returning to school

The first line of defense of the campus security is the top priority, the check-in points shall strictly carry out the inspection and registration once again for the returning students in accordance with requirements and regulations, procedures such as the “Students Entry Process”. Every Student shall keep a distance of more than one meter from one another while standing in line and waiting for temperature testing and luggage disinfection orderly. Subsequently, students should show and submit their health certificates, identity certificates and returning permits at the check-in points for registration and inspection. They will receive the registers and then walk to the dormitory to complete the check-in work after passing the inspection. Students with abnormal temperature will undergo temporary quarantine and observation immediately, and the students whose temperature is continuous abnormal will be promptly sent to the school hospital for further comprehensive testing and quarantine.

Each student has also actively cooperated with the university’s inspection. Hou Bo, a 2017 student majoring in Mining from the School of Environment and Resources, is deeply touched by the work and efforts of teachers, and said “Although I have been affected by the severe impact of the pandemic since I came back to university after six months, I get the joy of reunion after such a long separation as if I have returned home. The university’s process is perfect and the measures are comprehensive. I felt very relieved when I walked through the gate for the thorough pandemic prevention measures.

Students queue up to enter the university in a good order.

Luggage disinfection 

The relevant staff is checking the health QR code and the admission pass

The SWUST staff is verifying the register

As night fell, the staff is still waiting for the students to return to school 

The university will make sure the high living standard in the canteen and the apartments

“To tell the truth, I’m in a very excited and happy mood to return to my dormitory, but I mainly wonder if our individual effects are untouched and as left before or being moldy for we have not lived in our dormitories for such a long time after all.” said by Cheng Yuyao, a 2017 student of International Chinese Education from the School of Arts and Literature. She finally returned back to her “home” at SWUST after a series of pandemic prevention procedures, including registration, temperature check, health certificate checking and disinfection, and got ready to start the cleaning. Fortunately, most of the dormitories are neat and tidy thanks to the measures that the counselor and dormitory staff have taken several days ago, such as ventilating the dormitory and hanging out the beddings.

A student is taking the second temperature check before entering the apartment

The apartment staff is rechecking the information of students

Students are cleaning up their personal goods

The Kedayuan canteen is well equipped with a full range of dishes for students at lunchtime. After the routine operation, including hand washing, disinfection and infrared temperature monitoring, the students orderly walk in and out the canteen according to one-way circulation mark. They must kept one meter distance apart from others, so they could immediately leave after buying the food. Students who are about to eat in the canteen must place themselves at only one table and sit in the same direction to avoid communication. Furthermore, they need to send the tableware to the recycle place after the meal, followed by leaving the canteen along the marked trails. Zhang Jinhao, a 2017 student from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, said, I feel that the canteen has changed the most, and it is necessary to be treated uniquely/differently in this special period. We definitely will cooperate with the school to ensure safety.

Infrared Temperature Monitoring at Canteen Gate

Students are ordering at the canteen

One desk for one student to eat in the same direction

The joy of majestic Mount Long is beyond expression; the sound of gurgling Fujiang water incessantly lingers on. SWUST in early summer is revitalized for the return of students. After a severe winter, the “getting back home” in early summer is bound to become unforgettable in this special period. The difficulties will eventually pass, and the SWUST will greet the dawn of victory with the students in a high-spirited attitude and with a new appearance.  

(Edited by Wu Anhui | Translated by He Shaowei)